Whenever I send an e-mail I get multiple e-mail addresses for the same person. How can I ensure that I choose the correct address and get rid of the others?

This type of behavoir in Gmail occurs because it has stored or remembered all e-mail addresses used for that particular individual. To get rid of the un-used addresses and leave the correct one for use, please follow the instructions below.

  • Open Gmail
  • Now create or send a new e-mail message
  • When you type in the name into the "To..." field Gmail will show a list of potential recipients and addresses which will add the asociated e-mail address.
  • Take note of any of the addresses that you wish to get rid of
  • Now click on the App's icon.  It should be located in the top right corner of the screen between your name and the bell shaped icon.
  • Now select 'Contacts'
  • On the left side of the sceen, select 'Other Contacts'
  • Click in the check box next to any of the name/address pairs that you wish to delete (You can use the search bar at the top to quickly navigate to specific names)
  • Now select 'More' and click 'delete contact'