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Statistical, mathematical, and programming software available in the college is primarily provided by the OIT via campus licensing contracts. In other instances software may be provided by the Information Technology group, department funds, or with personal sources (such as a DFA).

Regardless of the funding source, Research Technologies will, at a minimum, support installing or accessing an application, and assist in locating problem solutions. Mathematica is an example of software in this category.

In addition, some software has expanded support that includes programming, license renewal, and version upgrading. SPSS is an example of software in this category.

The highest level of support includes expert consulting in software usage and programming, internal documentation, custom libraries, training, and sample programs. Generally, at this level of support the RT staff is the complete facilitator for all faculty needs. SAS is an example of software in this category.


Statistical Analysis Software

Programming Software

  • Visual Studio.Net  
  • C/C++


Mathematical Software