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National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)
National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)
National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM)
Mendoza IT Research Workshops
Mendoza IT Research Workshops
Mendoza IT Research Workshops
Mendoza Book Club
Mendoza Book Club
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Online courses, books, videos, and more - Search. Click. Learn.
Online courses, books, videos, and more - Search. Click. Learn.
Discover IT Fall 2016
Discover IT Fall 2016
Discover IT Fall 2016
Email request form for Graduate Alumni Relations
Email request form for Graduate Alumni Relations
Email request form for Graduate Alumni Relations



John A. Berges Lecture Series in Business Ethics – Michael Dowling

Location: Jordan Auditorium, Mendoza College of Business

Time: 10/26/2016 7:00 PM


Boardroom Insights Lecture

Location: Jordan Auditorium

Time: 10/28/2016 10:40 AM


Information Session for Graduate Business Programs, Executive MBA, and MNA

Location: Mendoza College of Business Rm 159

Time: 10/28/2016 2:00 PM


Inside the MBA - Chicago

Location: Kimpton Hotel Allegro, 171 W Randolph St, Chicago IL 60601

Time: 11/2/2016 6:30 PM

College News

A Marine’s journey to the Notre Dame MBA

October 25

Mendoza's commitment to the greater good made it the right fit for Ben Hota.

Vets Preview Weekend: Come for the game, stay for the MBA

October 24

Military men and women invited to visit November 17–20.


Can entrepreneurship be used to fight U.S. poverty? Irish Impact speaker to discuss novel approach

October 24

Fighting poverty in the U.S. has long been considered the jurisdiction of social programs and government aid. But more recently, a new trend has emerged that employs the power of the entrepreneurship toward effecting substantive, sustainable social change.

Amon Anderson

Op-Ed: Why Trump’s rigged-election claim is likely to backfire

October 21

"Donald Trump's rigged-election claim is classic self-handicapping. However, it's important to note that successfully self-handicapping hinges on credibility and believability." — J. Michael Crant, management and organization professor.


Trump’s 'rigged election' claims a classic type of excuse-making

October 20

When Donald Trump suggested he might not accept "rigged" results of the presidential election, he could be engaging in a classic type of excuse-making called "self-handicapping," according to Michael Crant, professor of management and organization.

Start the Conversation!

October 18

You may have seen that last month, Graduate Alumni Relations launched its own social media hub on Mendoza’s site. The hub is a place where alumni, faculty, students and prospective applicants can see what the Mendoza experience is all about. As part of the social media hub, we are hoping to encourage topical business conversation that is also relevant to ND. From this idea, we are launching “Conversation Starters”. Periodically, we will take on a specific business topic, and ask you to share your thoughts and ideas! We hope you will join the conversation.…

Active vs. Passive? Choose Both

October 17


It is human nature to take sides. In the case of active and passive, however, not only do I think investors can choose both, but the story of passive’s rise and active’s demise has been greatly exaggerated.

It is true that flows into passive strategies have picked up. But U.S. advisers are still allocating 70% of their clients’ assets to active investment strategies, according to our recent survey. Investment flows can be fickle and aren’t always a good barometer for long-term shifts in sentiment.…

At Notre Dame CMO Summit, GE's Linda Boff Keynotes Event Designed To Bridge Practice, Academia

October 17

World-class marketing leaders recently descended on South Bend, Indiana, for the first-annual Notre Dame Chief Marketing Officer Summit, presented by the Mendoza College of Business and Forbes CMO Network.

Dubbed “Meaningful Marketing: Putting People and Purpose at the Center of Brand Engagement,” the event


South Bend, IN


NYT News

Donald Trump Allies Focus Anger on Another Target: G.O.P. Leaders

Donald J. Trump at a campaign event in Sanford, Fla., on Tuesday. Conservatives in the factionalized Republican Party are already fanning the flames for a postelection revolt against Speaker Paul D. Ryan.

What Drives Donald Trump? Fear of Losing Status, Tapes Show

Recordings of Donald J. Trump reveal a man who is fixated on his own celebrity, anxious about losing his status and contemptuous of those who fall from grace. In more than five hours of conversations — the last extensive biographical interviews he granted before running for president — Mr. Trump makes clear how difficult it is for him to imagine, let alone accept, defeat.

What We Learned From Five Hours of Trump on Tape

Donald Trump in Tampa, Fla., on Monday. The intimate conversations between Donald J. Trump and his biographer, Michael D’Antonio, are the basis of our special two-part podcast.

Megyn Kelly’s Pivotal Moment in a Post-Ailes Era at Fox News

The host’s divergent approach took a different turn in her clash with Newt Gingrich and again raised the question of the channel’s future.

Trump TV Offers (Fledgling) Framework for Potential Media Future

Rudolph W. Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, was a special guest on Trump TV on Tuesday night. An election show streaming on Facebook Live is fueling speculation that Donald J. Trump is laying the groundwork for a media empire to come.

How Donald Trump Used Hollywood to Create ‘Donald Trump’

From left, Charles Shaughnessy, Fran Drescher, and Donald J. Trump on “The Nanny” in the 1990s. Donald J. Trump has been a near-constant presence in TV shows, movies, documentaries, pageants and even professional wrestling events, since the 1980s.

‘We Need to Clean This Up’: Clinton Aide’s Newly Public Email Shows Concern

President Obama and Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia on July 27. The latest hacked emails from WikiLeaks highlight how the news that Hillary Clinton used a private server sent the White House and her campaign scrambling.

ISIS Sent Four Car Bombs. The Last One Hit Me.

A suicide car bomb detonated. After a long day in a convoy near Mosul, it seemed safe for a photographer and Iraqi troops to exit their vehicle. Suddenly someone screamed, “Car bomb!”

Health Law Tax Penalty? I’ll Take It, Millions Say

The decision by many healthy people not to sign up under the Affordable Care Act, even if it means a tax penalty, is undermining the plan. A lot of healthy people are defying predictions by the Affordable Care Act architects and refusing to enroll, throwing off the math behind the system.

Pentagon Halts Efforts to Claw Back California National Guard Bonuses

California National Guard soldiers at Moffett Federal Airfield in Mountain View, Calif., in November 2011. The Pentagon says it will suspend efforts to force the soldiers to give back incentives that were improperly paid out during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Quote of the Day

The historian will tell you what happened. The novelist will tell you what it felt like.

E. L. Doctorow