Fighting Hunger Food Drive
Fighting Hunger Food Drive
Discover IT_Fall 2017
Discover IT_Fall 2017
Discover IT_Fall 2017
Research Workshops - Fall 2017
Research Workshops - Fall 2017
Research Workshops - Fall 2017
Tech Tips of the Week - September 25, 2017
Tech Tips of the Week - September 25, 2017
Tech Tips of the Week - September 25, 2017

Meet the New Faculty (click image for info)

Joanna Campbell

Research Visitor
Management & Organization

Manuela CastiYeagley

Research Assistant Professor
Management & Organization

Michael Chapple

Associate Teaching Professor

Ruslan Goyenko

Visiting Associate Professor

Timothy Hubbard

Assistant Professor
Management & Organization

Jonathan Keeney

Management & Organization

Sam Miller

Associate Teaching Professor
Management & Organization

Dean Shepherd

Management & Organization

Chris Stevens

Assistant Teaching Professor
Management & Organization

Keith Urtel

Associate Teaching Professor

Ovunc Yilmaz

Assistant Professor
Information Technology, Analytics, and Operations



Peace Corps Fellows Fair

Location: Renaissance Washington, DC Dupont Circle Hotel 1143 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington, DC 20037

Time: 9/25/2017 12:00 AM


Rose Hulman 2017 Graduate School Fair

Location: Rose Hulman, Sports and Recreation Center, Fieldhouse, National Road Heritage Trail, Terre Haute, IN 47803

Time: 9/25/2017 6:00 PM


Executive MBA Information Dinner - Naperville

Location: Meson Sabika, 1025 Aurora Ave., Naperville, IL 60540

Time: 9/25/2017 6:00 PM


Inside the MBA - San Diego

Location: San Diego, CA

Time: 9/25/2017 6:30 PM

College News

Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing establishes lecture series honoring Robert Wilmouth

September 22

Wilmouth was the founder of the National Futures Association and former president and CEO of the Chicago Board of Trade. 

2017 Top 40 Undergraduate Professors: Kristen Collett-Schmitt

September 20

Collett-Schmitt, a finance professor, launched Mendoza's first 100% online course for undergraduates.

HIEs would lead to $3.1B annual reduction in US spending, study finds

September 19

Idris Adjerid and Corey Angst compared average Medicare spending per beneficiary between 2003 and 2009.

2017 Top 40 Undergraduate Professors: Elizabeth Moore

September 18

Marketing professor Elizabeth Moore is regarded for her research on how marketing to children impacts childhood obesity.


September 17

O'Rourke is the director of the Fanning Center for Business Communication and founder of Notre Dame's Conference on Corporate Communications.

Study shows electronic health information exchanges could cut billions in Medicare spending

September 13

Research by Idris Adjerid and Corey Angst shows an estimated $3 billion annual reduction in spending if HIEs were to be implemented nationally.

Notre Dame MBA at 50: A look at the program's evolution

September 11

It’s been 50 years since Notre Dame launched its MBA program, and in that time, the class size has almost tripled, increasing from 50 in 1967 to 131 in 2017. And when the inaugural MBA class arrived on campus, it was comprised entirely of men, whereas today, nearly 30 percent of the classes are comprised of women.* …

How to Nail Your Elevator Pitch in 6 Steps

September 10

Quick: You have a potential investor''s attention while he waits for his cab, or you meet someone at a dinner party who works for your dream employer. Convincing this person in less than 30 seconds that you have a brilliant, profitable idea or are the smart, capable person they need to help their company grow is a tall order. But we know you have it in you—once you follow these six simple steps, that is.…

Katherine Spiess named to ND All-Faculty Team

September 9

"Notre Dame has empowered the evolution of my career over time, giving me the opportunity to partner with gifted colleagues from across the University.”

Notre Dame biz professor discusses Equifax data breach

September 8

Automation expert Timothy Carone tells ABC 57 says the Equifax breach is one of the most significant in history.

Amazon hunting for 2nd home, cities start lining up to apply

September 7

"This was like an open letter to city leaders saying, 'Who wants Amazon and all our jobs?'" accountancy professor Brad Badertscher told the Associated Press.

Notre Dame offers Chicago conference for data professionals

September 5

The IMPAC Midwest Chicago Chapter Conference takes place on September 14 at Notre Dame's Chicago facility at 224 S. Michigan Street.

What Is the Most Underutilized Trend in Data Analytics? Q&A with Ken Kelley

September 3

Big data expert Ken Kelley discusses new trends in statistics and old trends that deserve reconsidering.

“Grandfather of NFL analytics” educates students on innovative practices

September 2

Mike Eayrs, a data analyst for several college and NFL football teams, spoke about innovative analytics practices at Mendoza on March 7. 

The History of Tailgating: From Ancient Greece to the Ivy League

September 1

"Tailgating is actually a very complex social, community-building exercise, not simply a wild party," according to research by marketing professor John Sherry Jr.

To Get Along With Difficult People, Try This Research-Backed Approach

August 31

Brittany Solomon's research emphasizes the importance of understanding each others' self-perceptions.

Others' self-perceptions offer opportunity

August 30

Research by Brittany Solomon, research assistant professor of management and organization, shows that we can use our perceptions of others to work toward positive outcomes.

Spaceflight entrepreneur Peter Diamandis to speak at Notre Dame

August 30

Diamandis, named one of Fortune's 'World's Greatest Leaders,' speaks on September 8 at Mendoza.

Chick-fil-A, Cubs execs to lecture at ND

August 30

Diane M. Aigotti, executive vice president and chief financial officer of Ryan Specialty Group, speaks October 6.

Why Amazon Whole Foods' launch gets a B+

August 30

Marketing teaching professor Joseph Cherian explains how Amazon's strategies for Whole Foods may pan out.


South Bend, IN


NYT News

N.F.L., Angela Merkel, Iraqi Kurdistan: Your Monday Briefing

Detroit Lions players kneeling and locking arms during the national anthem before their game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. Some N.F.L. teams elsewhere chose to stay off the field during the anthem. Here’s what you need to know to start your day.

New York Today: Why Do We Yawn?

Yawning is not a sign of boredom. So why do we do it? Monday: Doctors explain the phenomenon, where to donate to hurricane relief efforts, and the Library HotSpot Program.

New Order Indefinitely Bars Almost All Travel From Seven Countries

Demonstrators protesting the Trump administration’s immigration policies in March in Union Square in New York. Starting next month, most citizens of Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea will be indefinitely banned from entering the United States.

Fueled by Trump’s Tweets, Anthem Protests Grow to a Nationwide Rebuke

Members of the Detroit Lions knelt and held hands during the national anthem before their home game against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday. The wave of demonstrations at N.F.L. games on Sunday even included some of Trump’s supporters in the league, but it drew a mixed reception from fans.

A Divider, Not a Uniter, Trump Widens the Breach

President Trump boarding Air Force One at Morristown Municipal Airport in New Jersey on his way back to the White House on Sunday. While past presidents at least talked about bringing the country together, this president has made a point of attacking everyone from sports stars to the pope.

Defying Trump, Athletes Intensify Debate on Race and Protest

President Trump at a rally in Huntsville, Ala., on Friday. President Trump’s scolding of prominent black athletes has touched off a furious national debate on race and patriotism, rattling the world of sports.

What Every N.F.L. Team Did During the National Anthem on Sunday

Officials stand in front of an empty bench during the national anthem before the Seahawks-Titans game. Across the country, players, coaches and owners staged protests during performances of the national anthem, reacting to comments from President Trump.

Here’s What N.F.L. Fans Think of Trump’s Comments and Anthem Protests

Robert Casa, 52, who served in the Air Force and works with computers, rolled out an American flag at his tailgate Sunday before the New England Patriots’ game at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Mass. We interviewed fans at several games on Sunday. Suffice to say opinions were wildly divergent.

Angela Merkel, Reluctant Leader of the West, ‘Has Gotten the Taste for It’

A campaign poster in Berlin for Angela Merkel, who was elected to her fourth term as chancellor of Germany on Sunday. Elected to a fourth term as German chancellor, she wants to put the European Union, post-Brexit and in the age of Trump, on a stable, vigorous path.

Angela Merkel Makes History in German Vote, but So Does Far Right

Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany at the Christian Democrats’ headquarters in Berlin on Sunday. Ms. Merkel becomes only the fourth postwar chancellor to win four national elections, but her victory is diminished by the showing of Alternative for Germany.

Quote of the Day

Honoring everyone contains the promise of possibility.

Miroslav Volf