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Where is the switch to turn on the lights in the entryway of the Jordan Auditorium, where the podium is setup for Atrium events?

The switch to turn on the light above the podium and the other track lights at the entrance to the J...

  • Last Edited March 9, 2018

How many lapels microphones can I use at the same time for the Atrium?

We have two lapel microphones and no handheld microphones for the system. ?...

  • Last Edited March 9, 2018

What technical support fees are charged for events in the Mendoza College of Business auditorium, classrooms, atrium, etc.?

The costs below cover the setup and use of our technology, consumables (e.g. projector lamps, batter...

  • Last Edited March 9, 2018

What should I do to schedule a room and prepare for technology needs when a guest is coming to give a presentation in the Jordan Auditorium, Giovanini Commons, Atrium, 339, 203B or classroom?

After you have reserved the room, if you need assistance with classroom technology, would like somoe...

  • Last Edited March 9, 2018

How do I adjust the sound on the lapel microphones in the Atrium?

Raise or lower the position of the microphone clipped on your shirt or collar. If that doesn't pr...

  • Last Edited March 9, 2018

Can I play music for an event or holiday in the Atrium (Ex. Luncheon, Christmas)?

Yes you can. The Atrium main sound system is located in the Jordan Auditorium control room. The r...

  • Last Edited March 9, 2018

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