Manuscript Copy Editors

We are attempting to create and maintain a list of copy editors, primarily for use in proofreading research manuscripts. The lists below provide names, contact information, and comments for each person or commercial website. We would appreciate suggestions for additional candidates and/or comments on those we already have on the list. Please send all such correspondence to

NameContact InformationComments
Abney, Teresa Proofreading, Copyediting, Formatting, Journal Articles, Research Papers, etc.
Bear, Sharon Lynn
(714) 878-6064
I work with faculty both on the initial manuscript submission and on revisions, based on reviewers’ comments. I would welcome the opportunity to work with you or your colleagues, who may desire assistance in getting published. To provide you with more detailed information on my education and experience, as well as how I work with faculty clients, please visit my website at
Bigger, Linda ND Alum, Local, Professional.
East, Amy Academic copyediting and proofreading, including, but not limited to, articles and manuscripts for publication, theses/dissertations, and grant proposals. My background is in anthropology but I am willing to work outside those areas.
Bruckbauer, Catherine A.
(574) 520-2057
Cathy has a keen attention to detail and a vast array of editing experience, and is professional and personable.
Green, Ashton I am a PhD student in History and Philosophy of Science with formal training and experience in linguistics, grammar, and tutoring writing. I also have practical experience copy editing writings in English as well as French translations in literature, philosophy, history, and am familiar with editing technical work as well.
Maye, Lynn Freehill Has worked as a writer and editor at MCOB's Deloitte Center
Richardson, Pat 112 Hartland Hill
Woodstock, Vermont 05091
Former FMA copy editor. $70/hr plus shipping and handling. Only accepts hard copies of manuscripts.
Ross, Carol I regularly undertake all kinds of proofreading, copy-editing and rewriting work for academic clients (in the US and abroad), including in Notre Dame. Some of these academics pay me privately for my work on their projects, and others request reimbursement from their institution or have me bill the institution directly. Such projects include academic/scientific journal publications and book projects, as well as intra-institutional reports and instructional materials. I have edited work in very diverse fields ranging from sociology to international law; political science to medical research; and of course business, accounting and management. I am familiar with a range of style guides and formatting requirements. I have prepared work to the specifications provided by many different universities, journals and book publishers, and have also done indexing. Note that as well as performing editing for academics, I also do editing of theses and dissertations for undergraduate and graduate students, as authorized by their institution.

My standard rates are $12 per 1000 words for proofreading, $20 per 1000 words for copy-editing, and $55 per 1000 words for rewriting. However, based on a sample of the material to be edited, I can often offer a custom rate that falls below or between these basic rates. In addition, I try to offer a 10 to 15% discount on substantial projects. Established clients often find it most beneficial to have me bill according to the amount of time the work actually takes, so that they are not paying extra to accommodate the comfort-margin necessarily built into an estimate. (Or, I can commit to an upper limit but bill for the time actually spent, if this works out less.)
Thomas, Tracey PhD in English Literature. Editor/proofreader of articles, essays and dissertations. Experienced with business, technology, and humanities subjects.
Westfall, Jill Experienced copywriter, editor, ghost writer and speech writer. A longtime bylined Contributor to Money magazine who has written for many other publications.

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