Recording Made Easy

You may have heard about the One Button Studio at the Hesburgh Library that allows you to record a video to a USB drive at the press of a button. The Ed Tech team has designed a simplified version of the system originally created by Penn State. You can use this tool to record...

  • Brief lectures that can be posted online to flip the classroom
  • Course introductions
  • Student presentations
  • Practice for public speaking

How do I Use It?

A few notes...

The Big Red Button

When pressed, the Big Red Button will blink for about 10 seconds then stay lit while recording. When you press it again, recording stops immediately and the button blinks while the recording file is prepared. When the blinking stops, your recording is ready!

The Floor Button

You can also step on the floor button located at the back of the room to start and stop recordings. The Big Red Button will still blink and light up to indicate when the studio is recording.


The studio lights come on when the button is pressed and remain on while the studio is recording. When you stop recording, the lights remain lit for another minute in case you immediately want to start another recording.

Recording Files

Recordings are automatically saved to your USB drive in their own folder. Each folder and recording have a name that starts with OBS1 and ends with the date in a computer readable format. (e.g. OBS1_20170302-120440_S1R1.mp4)


The studio is currently located in the Mendoza 266 Fishbowl meeting room. This room can be scheduled for faculty, staff, or student use via EMS.