How do I setup a toll-free conference call, call long distance or have someone off campus call into a classroom in MCoB?

Classroom phone jacks cannot dial long distance or recieve incoming calls. You will therefore need to dial a toll free number. (The one exception is Seminar room 339.)


You ll need to set up a WebEx Conference Bridge. You and the other person (or people if you want multiple call in users), will dial into an 800 # and will be joined together in the call.

There are 3 steps to this whole process:

1. ?Create a WebEx account: If you don t have a WebEx account, you ll need to contact Jeff Miller in OIT and he can create one for you. 631-6850. If you can t reach him, the OIT helpdesk can create one for you. 1-8111.

2.Create a WebEx conference bridge: Jeff will also be able to assist you with this. If you only want an audio conference, make sure you specify that when speaking with Jeff or the Helpdesk. In the past we have had incidents where an on-line meeting was created by mistake and that can create some difficulties.

3.Fill out the ed-tech event form: Make sure you choose the date and time when you want me to set up the phone and select "Conference Phone" in the list of equipment:

MenozaIT will set up the speakerphone prior to class and then help you dial into the bridge shortly before the call starts.