How to add multiple subscribers to a list at one time

Tags: Listserv

You first need to save the list of subscriber's you want added to the list in Notepad:

  1. Open Notepad (Start-All Programs-Accessories-Notepad)
  2. Type the subscriber's email address, followed by a space and the subscriber's name.
    Note: Use only one address per line.
    For Example: Tammy Vargo
  3. After you're finished typing all the subscribers you would like to add, save the file (using whatever name you prefer)

    Next, you will import the subscribers into the list:
  4. Go to
  5. Click on Mailing List Management
  6. Login using your Email Address and Listserv Password (Note: the listserv password may be different than your Netid Password).
  7. Click Continue if asked to save a cookie.
  8. If you manage multiple lists, you will see a drop down menu to select which list to edit. Click the drop down button and select which list you would like to edit.
  9. Click the Bulk button
  10. Click the Browse button and browse to the location of where you saved the 'Notepad' .txt file.
    When you locate the file, select it and then click on the Open button.
    You will then notice the file location appears in the Input File field (as shown in the picture below).

    Note: There are 2 different Functions to choose from when adding multiple subscribers at one time.

    1. When adding multiple subscribers WITHOUT removing any existing subscibers, choose
    Add the imported addresses to BAC-MEMBERS; do not remove any subscribers

    2. When adding multiple subscribers AND removing any existing subscribers, choose
    Remove all subscribers from BAC-MEMBERS, then add the imported addresses (to remove all subscribers, select this option and omit the input file)

    Click the Submit button

  11. A message at the top of the window will appear letting you know the subscribers were added.