Where to access Capital IQ

The following covers location of the workstations, (a.) the number of workstations in each location and the type of machine, (b.) who should be contacted for any question regarding the workstation, (c.) and the intended users:
  1. Faculty Lab (Room 304)
    1. 1 Workstation - Desktop PC
    2. Mendoza IT Ed Tech Group and Research Groups
    3. General faculty and research staff use
  2. Mendoza IT (Room 321)
    1. 1 Workstation - Notebook
    2. Mendoza IT Ed Tech Group
    3. Class demonstration (can be requested by Mendoza faculty)
  3. Mahaffey Business Library (Room L001)
    1. 23 Workstations (22 Desktop PCs; 1 Notebook]
    2. Mahaffey Business Library Staff
    3. Students, faculty, and staff
i. 22 Workstations are located in the Mahaffey Business Library
ii. The notebook serves both as 1) a backup for class demonstration use and 2) a regular Workstation in the Mahaffey Business Library when not in use in classroom
  1. Training

    Mahaffey Business Library Staff will help coordinate training related to Capital IQ.
  1. Class Demonstration

    Any faculty member wishing to demonstrate Capital IQ to a class him/herself can
    either fill out Mendoza IT s Event Request Form or contact the Mahaffey Business Library.
If you have any questions/comments about anything in this message or otherwise related to Capital IQ, please don t hesitate to contact us.