CCM - CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database


The CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database (CCM) is the historical link between CRSP's unique identifiers PERMNO and PERMCO (securities and companies), and Compustat's unique identifier GVKEY (companies). It accurately maps these complex, many to many relationships over time. CRSP has reformatted Compustat data in a format compatible with the CRSP stock data and the CCM data. The link (CCM data) is packaged with the reformatted Compustat data. The product offers you side-by-side access to CRSP's stock data and Compustat's fundamental data and enables researchers to query both CRSP's and S&P IMS's historical databases with a high degree of accuracy.

The current CRSPAccess version 2.95 is available on our system. For more CCM data information, go to documentation or the vendor site.

Data Year

  • CRSP US Stock daily data begins July 1925 - December 2012
  • CRSP US Stock monthly data begins December 1925 - December 2012
  • Compustat data begins January 1950 - June 2012

Update Schedule

The CCM annual update is available in August.

File Descriptions

CRSP/Compustat Merged Database (Associated Balance sheet Information/Fundamental data) is a link between CRSP security level stock data and Compustat fundamental company data. The data is reformatted into CRSPAccess database format containing: Utilities, Fortran* and C random access libraries, sample programs, and installation support for CRSP and Compustat data.

Important facts regarding CCM
  • Update: Updated annually.
  • History: Begins in 1950, dependent on the file.
  • Linking Information: The Compustat GVKEY is linked to CRSP's PERMNO and PERMCO. About 24,221 CRSP securities linked. And over 34,656 GVKEYs in Link.

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Issues or Changes

NCUSIP is the CUSIP in the CRSP names history data record. It is the 8-digit CUSIP number assigned by the CUSIP Bureau (without the electronic check digit). CRSP maintains a complete historical list of CUSIPs for each security with effective dates. CUSIP is only present in one security, and a security can be assigned multiple USIPs over time.

CRSP does not use dummy values in the name history array. CRSP does assign dummy CUSIPs in the header array to securities if they stop trading before 1968. It is unlikely that dummy CUSIPs assigned by CRSP match dummy CUSIPs assigned by Compustat, and there is no correlation between them if they do.

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Access & Installation

The CRSP/Compustat Merged database is stored in the proprietary CRSPAccess format, and is packaged with Compustat data reformatted in our CRSPAccess format. CRSPAccess can be used by non-programmers and programmers alike. You can retrieve CCM using CRSPAccess, CRSP's report writer utilities.

CRSPAccess setup program can be installed on local computers with Windows XP. The programs will copy program files to your machine and can set CRSP environment variables needed to use the CRSP programs. The product combinations require from 0.2 to 1.2 GBytes of local hard disk for stock and indices data, and an additional 2.6 GBytes for CCM data.

For Fortran users, go to sample programs or contact the Research group.

Note: CCM data can also be accessed through WRDS. For more information on WRDS account and accessibility information, please click here.


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