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SDC Platinum is a product of Thomson Financial Securities Data. SDC Platinum offers detailed information on new issues, M&A, syndicated loans, private equity, project finance, poison pills and many more. SDC Platinum provides an extensive query and report database for the private equity industry and buyout financing. The VentureXpert, Global Public Finance, Securities Trading, and Corporate Restructurings databases are also available in SDC, but are not included in our subscription. For more information, go to the vendor site.

Data Year

  • US Public New Issues (from 1970 - )
  • US Issues in Registration and Withdrawn (from 1984 - )
  • US Private Placements (from 1981 - )
  • US Shelf Registrations - Rule 415 (from 1982 - ; semi-annual update)
  • US Rule 144A New Issues (from 1990 - ; monthly update)
  • Euro & Foreign New Issues (dates vary)
  • US Targets (from 1979 - )
  • Non-US Targets (from 1985 - )
  • Joint Ventures/Alliances (from 1988 - )
  • Poison Pills - US & Canada (from 1983 - )
  • Proxy Fights - US (from 1988 - )

Update Schedule

SDC Platinum updates, which include the most current features and standard sessions, are posted by 12:00 Noon EST every Tuesday and Friday. To ensure that the local data in your SDC Platinum folders is as up-to-date as possible it is strongly recommended that you perform updates at least once per month. 

You can perform an update through SDCTools.

File Descriptions

SDC Platinum is a collection of databases with information on financial transactions. MCoB subscribes to the following databases:
  • Global New Issues Databases: Domestic and International new issues. U.S. initial public offerings (IPOs), Asian Pacific domestic, Australian and New Zealand domestic, Continental European domestic, Indian domestic, Japanese domestic, Latin American domestic, United Kingdom domestic, Rest of the World domestic, and Medium-term Notes Programs. 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions Databases: U.S. Targets and Non-U.S. Targets; and Joint Ventures & Strategic Alliances. 
  • Corporate Governance Databases: Poison Pills and Proxy Fights.
See data documentation below. 

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Issues or Changes 

Users of Version 2.3b should upgrade to version 3.0. Doing so ensures that you have access to the latest information and enhancements available in SDC Platinum. The latest version of SDC platinum 4.0 which offers some additional features (Freeman Imputed Free Data, New Statistics measures and Excel download format etc.) is also available since May 2009. Both versions 3.0 and 4.0 are supported and updated regularly. A complete list of new features available in version 4.0 can be found in the release notes.

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Access & Installation 

Good news! The networked access to Thomson Financial Securities Data's SDC Platinum is now available via the University Libraries and ?Mahaffey Business Library. Faculty and students may now access SDC Platinum via the metaframe server. (Note: make sure that Citrix ICA Client is installed on your local machine.) 

Please refer to the following page to learn more and for login information: 

SDC Platinum has its own Windows-based extraction software. In MCoB, it can be installed on a faculty office PC by contacting the research group, and it is now available via the University Libraries and Mahaffey Business Library. A user should have access to the databases listed above in the section entitled File Descriptions and a user ID shall be granted allowing one user at a time from 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Standard time and unlimited users from 6 PM to 8 AM Eastern Standard time. A user may access all data from the beginning of database throughout the present minus 30 days.

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