TRACE: OTC Corporate Bond Transaction Data

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TRACE Historical Time and Sales data is available through WRDS. For more information on WRDS account and accessibility information, please click here.

TRACE - Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine is FINRA's over-the-counter (OTC) corporate bond market real-time price dissemination service. FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) is a non-governmental regulator of the entire securities industry formed in 2007 from NYSE and NASD. 

TRACE provides comprehensive, real-time access to corporate bond price information for all market participants, bringing transparency to the corporate bond market. It was introduced in July 2002 and consolidates transaction data for all eligible corporate bonds - investment grade, high yield and convertible debt. Thus the information can be accessed on 100 percent of OTC activity representing over 99 percent of total US corporate bond market in over 30,000 securities. The information includes the time of execution, price, yield and volume. 

For detailed information, go to the FINRA TRACE homepage. 

Data Year

  • Bond Trades: July 2002 - March 2010

Update Schedule

  • Data is updated Quarterly

File Descriptions

The following are available on WRDS:
  • Bond Trades from 07/01/2002 - 03/31/2010

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Issues or Changes

The TRACE data currently available for redistribution do not contain company or bond identifying information beyond TRACE Bond Symbol and CUSIP. 

Trace Fact Book tables give a historical perspective of the OTC US corporate bond market. These are available quarterly in a spreadsheet format and allow users to manipulate and analyze TRACE data throughout the year.

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Access & Installation 

TRACE is available only through WRDS. For more information on WRDS account and accessibility information, please click here.

WRDS datasets can be accessed directly through SAS programs. Access to sample programs is available with WRDS account. Directory information on TRACE dataset is given below: 


  • Trace - Historical Time and Sales

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External Documentation 

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