May: Preventing Device Theft
May: Preventing Device Theft
Staff Appreciation Day @ New Buffalo
Staff Appreciation Day @ New Buffalo
Mendoza Book Club
Old 2 Gold
Old 2 Gold
The New insideND is Coming in Fall 2016
The New insideND is Coming in Fall 2016
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Executive MBA Information Webinar- Application Q&A

Location: Online

Time: 5/26/2016 4:00 PM


MS in Finance Webinar

Location: Online

Time: 6/8/2016 4:00 PM


Mendoza - Seattle Alumni Reception

Location: Blueacre, 1700 7th Ave., Seattle, WA

Time: 6/8/2016 10:00 PM


MS in Business Analytics Information Webinar

Join us for an online information session to learn more about our exciting new MS in Business Analytics program.

Location: Online

Time: 6/9/2016 4:00 PM

College News

The weird thing that happens when you put more women in the boardroom

May 24

Management professor Craig Crossland's research about women on corporate boards may mean they are "knocking some business sense into male colleagues," says WaPo's Wonkblog.



Female members on corporate boards can lower number of mergers and acquisitions, study suggests

May 20

Boards with higher female representation are more likely to identify challenges related to a merger or acquisition, according to research by management assistant professor Craig Crossland.



Active share ‘must be combined with turnover’

May 18

Finance Prof. Martijn Cremers studies the performance of fund managers and their ability to "beat" the index over time. In this Financial Times article, he explains the findings of his recent research.

2016 Best MBAs: Molly Burd, Notre Dame

May 16

Poets & Quants recognizes Molly Burd, a Navy veteran. 

New academic departments to be added to Notre Dame’s business school

May 13

For the first time in more than 60 years, the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame is adding a new academic department to its organization.

In fact, the College functionally is adding two new departments as a result of restructuring its current management department, announced Roger Huang

Does The Placebo Effect Influence Consumer Product Purchases?

May 11

Novices play better golf when they have expensive brand name equipment, according to research by marketing professor Frank Germann.

What's driving the decade of outflows from actively managed mutual funds

May 8

Finance professor Martijn Cremers defines funds with at least 40% of the portfolio overlapping the benchmark as low on the active-management side.



Why free trade is critical ... and so are global trade partnerships

May 7

With a glance back over the 20th century, it’s readily apparent that several policy decisions had extraordinary global impacts.

There were negative ones (the Poland Blitzkreig and the start of World War II by Germany) and positive ones (the post-WWII creation of a new international economic order resulting in cuts in tariffs globally). The human costs of WWII are well known: 15 million


South Bend, IN


Yahoo News

Senate sleuths focus on ex-State Department aide in Clinton email ‘cover-up’

Senate sleuths focus on ex-State Department aide in Clinton email ‘cover-up’As Hillary Clinton seeks to rebound from a highly critical report from the State Department’s inspector general, Senate investigators and a conservative group are zeroing in on newly revealed evidence about the activities of a now retired State Department computer specialist in orchestrating what they charge was a “cover-up” of the former secretary of state’s email practices. The role of John Bentel, whose identity as a key figure in the email probes was first reported by Yahoo News on Wednesday, is expected to be one focus of questioning today when Clinton’s former chief of staff, Cheryl Mills, is deposed in a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch over the State Department’s handling of Freedom of Information Act requests relating to Clinton’s emails, according to a source close to the case.

Statue of Liberty, other world sites threatened by climate change, says U.N.

Statue of Liberty, other world sites threatened by climate change, says U.N.The Statue of Liberty is seen in New York harbor. Climate change might dampen Lady Liberty’s glow, according to experts. The United Nations released a report Thursday saying 31 natural and cultural World Heritage sites in 29 countries are vulnerable to the effects of climate change: rising temperatures, rising sea levels, intensifying storms, longer droughts and so on.

G7 told to act on antibiotics as dreaded superbug hits U.S.

Colonies of E. coli bacteria are seen in a microscopic image courtesy of the CDCBy Kylie MacLellan and Ben Hirschler ISE-SHIMA, Japan/LONDON (Reuters) - Britain told the G7 industrial powers on Friday to do more to fight killer superbugs as the United States reported the first case in the country of a patient with bacteria resistant to a last-resort antibiotic. U.S. scientists said the infection in a 49-year-old Pennsylvania woman "heralds the emergence of truly pan-drug resistant bacteria" because it could not be controlled even by colistin, an antibiotic reserved for "nightmare" bugs. In Japan, British Prime Minister David Cameron said leading countries needed to tackle resistance by reducing the use of antibiotics and rewarding drug companies for developing new medicines.

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