IT Operations

We manage the underlying IT infrastructure that supports various college websites and applications.  We also provide web development, database, and programming support.  We handle the business process analysis, design, and the coordination of major IT Projects within the college and between the college and campus at large.

Business Process and Project Services

Assist MCOB entities in using technology to help solve problems or improve productivity. 

  • Application development and support
  • ​Support of the Salesforce and Slate Admissions CRMs
  • Partner with programs to integrate technology with business processes
  • ​​Statistical reporting
  • ​​Data integration

Infrastructure and Data Delivery Services

  • Cloud hosting with Microsoft Azure
  • Database Administration
  • Mobile application development
  • COBweb Intranet
  • Web Application development
  • Data backup and recovery administrator

Contact Info

Phil Corporon

 Raymond Alavo

Mark Kimmet

Diego Wang