COBWeb History and Transformation

The original vision for the COBWeb Intranet, that debuted in 2003, was to provide a platform for the dissemination of information internal to the college, links to popular college, university and external resources and to promote a sense of community.  This vision lives on today.

While the original COBWeb served us well for over 10 years it’s time for a renaissance.  The new site was encouraged by Dean Roger Huang and conceived by the Mendoza IT Operations Team.  The whole Mendoza IT Team and the MarCom Team deserve thanks for their assistance as beta testers.  And finally everyone at the Mendoza College of Business deserves thanks for their support and patience.

It’s immediately obvious that the look of the new COBWeb Intranet differs from the original,  regardless the content remains the same.  During the design process we tracked usage patterns, as a result the more popular links are now available via the main menu.  If you have a problem navigating the site be sure to view our interactive “Old COBWeb-New COBWeb” page, just mouse over the desired section of the old site and see where that content resides on the new site.

As with any website the content is fluid, and if future usage pattern change we'll adjust accordingly.  Our goal is to serve the population of the Mendoza College of Business.  Please feel free to pass any comments or suggestions on to