Research and Programming (RAP) Series

Fall Semester 2017

Session 1, September 29: Using R - Modern Data Manipulation (Sandbox & R code)

Session 2, October 6: Using Python - Modern Data Manipulation

Session 3, October 27: Regular Expressions - String Magic

Session 4, November 14: Parallel Computing, HPC, & The CRC

Session 5, December 1: Dynamic Documents in R & Stata

Fall Semester 2016

Session 1 - Introduction to R/RStudio slides

Session 2 - Data Visualization slides

Session 3 - Practical Data Manipulation Using R slides

Session 4 - Advanced Qualtrics: Beyond The Menus slides

Spring Semester 2016

Session 1 - Reproducible Research slides

Session 2 - Latent Variable Modeling slides

Session 3 - Scraping Data slides

Session 4 - Multilevel Models: Two Different Approaches

Date: Monday, May 15, 2017, 12:00 p.m.

Description: Although we often forget to think about it in this fashion, most data is hierarchical in nature. People are nested within units, and those units are often nested within something larger. Multilevel models (hierarchical linear models to some) are a great tool for exploring the relationships between these levels. We are going to be looking at multilevel models from two different perspectives: Frequentist/NHST and Bayesian. This may also serve as a great introduction for what those Bayes and Laplace fellows were talking about in the 18th and 19th centuries, and how those centuries-old musings can help you take a different look at your research.

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